Are Propane Fire Pits Worth It?

Propane Fire Pits

Firepits propane is something people love to install outside their home. Who doesn’t want to sit with their loved ones around a beautiful fire pit to spend some quality time along with the warmth? One of the craziest things about propane fire pits is that they are so fancy that sometimes people install them even when they have no intentions to use the outdoor fire pit.

However, if you want something to heat much, it might not be the one for you. However, the warmth it provides depends on how large it is. You will get a pleasant feeling sitting in front of it on a cold day that is for sure. But if the frigidity in the weather gets higher, it might not work. Moreover, there can be chances of the fire pit getting damaged.

A propane fire pit is an ornamental alternative for a fireplace. However, it is easier to install a fire pit than a fireplace. However, it will help if you understand that propane fire pits require more work and maintenance than any wood-burning fire pits. If you want to buy an outdoor fire pit, you probably have many questions going on in your mind. For example, you may be wondering whether you should get a fire pit or not? Or maybe you don’t know which version of propane fire pit should you get etc.

If we try to determine whether fire pits are worthy of the investment, it will be better to go through the pros and cons.

Pros of propane fire pit

  • Easy installation

If you compare a wood-burning fireplace to an outdoor fire pit, you will probably find many plus points for the fireplace. However, we would like to inform you that you will face a lot of obstacles during the installation if you go to the fireplace. The best part is that sometimes you don’t even need to dig up your garden or put a stone to install the fire pit. There are portable propane fire pits, table versions available in the market.

The portable outdoor fire pits may not be as atmospheric as the built-in ones.

  • No frequent cleaning

Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth of the fire on a cold day? Everybody does. But everything gets ruined in a second if you have to clean the ashes again and again. A propane fire pit takes up loads of your work and lets you enjoy your freedom from cleaning messy ashes.

  • Movable structure

Many people like to rearrange their backyards frequently. Having a fire pit that they cannot move can be a trouble for them. Not only for mixing the backyard but also if someone wants to arrange a function and want the outdoor fire pit to be somewhere else than where it is now, it will be better to buy a portable propane fire pit. There will be no problems with moving the fire pit. You can drag, drop or set it accordingly.

The portable feature allows you to rearrange your backyard during seasons change.

  • Two-way using

You can enjoy the fire pit heat in cold weather, but what about the times when the temperature goes up? Who would want to keep such a beautiful thing unused? Moreover, there are chances of the fire pit getting damaged. If you invest a vast amount of money in the fire pit, you will mind not being able to use it often. Won’t you?

Well. Now you don’t have to cancel your plan to buy an outdoor fire pit because of this reason because you can use the propane fire pit, table versions with as well as without fire. Yes. You got it right. You can use the fire pit even without fire.

  • available in various price ranges

Did you cancel your plan to buy a fire pit due to its high expenses? Outdoor fire pits have several features, so they are a bit on the high side when it comes to price range. However, it doesn’t mean you will always have to pay thousands for a fire pit. There is a wide range of prices for fire pits. The starting range can be from 300 and can rise to 2000.

Pricing depends on the size, functions, etc.

  • Table cover

Some of the propane fire pits come with a table cover. It helps you cover the hole to use the entire system as a large table. It conceals the fire pit under the surface. If you love plants and have many of them in your backyard, having a table cover for your outdoor fire pit will be a good option.

Cons of outdoor propane fire pit

Nothing can have only pros, and there have to be some cons too. It is the same with propane fire pits. Now that you know the pros of investing in an outdoor fire pit, it will help you even more if you learn what can go wrong with the fire pits.

  • Not enough warm

It will help if you don’t expect intense heat from an average propane fire pit.  As long as the weather is a little cold, the fire pit will provide you a pleasantly warm feeling. However, if it’s too cold, it will not be enough to make you feel warm. The propane fire pit is unable to create as much warmth as a sizeable built-in fire. It won’t be a good idea to compare these two.

However, if you decide to install a propane outdoor fire pit, it will be better to wear winter clothes along with it.

  • Frequent uses

Outdoor fire pits work on propane tanks. If you keep using a propane fire pit on high flame for hours and hours, it will require refilling the tank or replacing the tank. The higher the fire flame, the more you have to pay for filling or replacing the propane tank.

A 20lb propane tank can last for 4-5 hours with medium flame. However, if you keep it in low flame, you can run it for some more hours.


It will help if you look for propane fire pits with large tabletops and cover plates. The cover plate will help you safeguard your plans from fire, and the large tabletop will provide you more space to serve your food. Determine your budget and find your best-fitted outdoor fire pit.