How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Car Insurance in Singapore

Singapore is definitely one of the safest countries in Asia and hence a safe driving record would give you an upper hand. Well, since there are many times when unfortunate things happen on the roads anywhere at any time, without prior warning, it’s just wise to plan for such occurrences before they happen. This way, you can have ample time to pull over, gather your belongings, call for a tow truck and park safely. That’s why having the top car insurance in Singapore ought to be one of your major priorities prior to you drive on the open road. 

How to Find the Best Car Insurance? 

Check the Coverage Options 

In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to run through some of the coverage options you can avail. One of the most common is the Comprehensive Auto Insurance which is offered by all leading car insurance companies in Singapore. Comprehensive Insurance is basically a type of policy that offers a lot of benefits to their clients. Among the most common benefits offered by this type of insurance include bodily injury cover, Comprehensive collision cover, Third Party, Fire damage, Theft cover and so on. If you don’t want to go with the standard Singapore car insurance, then you can choose to go with the more detailed and comprehensive versions of these plans. Some of these types of plans even cover uninsured drivers. 

Roadside assistance is another great benefit provided by insurance companies in Singapore. Roadside assistance services help customers who are in need of help when they are stranded due to a car accident on the side of the road. This can either be in the form of tow assistance or towing the vehicle to a place of repair. There are some insurance providers in Singapore who will even tow your car to the nearest repair shop for repairs. Other than this, there are others who will even drive you around till the repairs are done and will return the car to you afterwards. In order to avail of these insurance services, you will have to give the insurance company a copy of the Vehicle Identification Number of your car. 

Read the Customer Reviews 

It’s important for every insurance consumer to read the customer reviews when they are looking for an insurance company in Singapore. The customer reviews are what consumers mostly rely on when they are looking for the most reliable insurance companies. To find the most reliable insurance companies, you will have to read the customer reviews of various companies. These customer reviews will help the customer make the best car insurance Singapore choice when they are looking for an insurance company in Singapore. 

Check their Current Promotions 

Insurance companies often offer discounts and incentives to their customers. In order to get discounts, you need to make sure that you ask the right questions when you are choosing a company. Most of the insurance providers in Singapore have their official websites where you can ask for discounts and other information. Some of these insurance providers also have live representatives who will be glad to answer any of your queries regarding their particular insurance options. 

There are various types of discount that you can get from insurance companies. One of the most common discounts is for inexperienced drivers. Although inexperienced drivers may be a minority, it does not mean that they should pay the entire premium price. If you have not done much driving before, then it is advisable that you consider getting travel insurance before you get your Singapore car insurance policy. In fact, inexperienced drivers in Singapore are required to take a course on driving before they can obtain their driver’s license. 

Choose Between Types of Insurance Policies 

When shopping for an insurance policy in Singapore, you need to choose between two main types of insurance policies. The first one is third-party only, which means that you will be protected in case of accidents or thefts by other passengers and/or drivers on your car. The second type of insurance is comprehensive or collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance coverage offers you more than just protection from accidents; it also provides you with benefits such as medical payments coverage, theft protection, and more. 

Finding the best car insurance is just like the same when you are looking for the best travel insurance in Singapore